Body Engineering

Body Engineering

We provide extensive development expertise as a one-stop solution. Our unique quality is the fact that we specialise in complete vehicle development.

Concept Development and Package

Our task in the package is to optimise the arrangement of components and modules according to geometric and functional requirements.

  • Complete vehicle package
  • Styling Feasibility
  • Concept Engineering
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Platform and modular product concepts
  • Digital Mock-up, Virtual Prototypes
  • Tolerance Studies
  • Project management
  • Technical Documentation

Vehicle Body & doors systems

Our top goal is to achieve optimum product properties at minimum cost and weight

  • Concept and series development
  • Development and supplier management
  • Lightweight design/hybrid material selection
  • BiW Bonnet, Tailgate, Doors

Interior & Exterior

The design of your vehicle brand should be immediately recognisable from the interior and the exterior.

  • Concept and series development
  • Design validation and creation of technical specificatios
  • Supplier management and change management
  • Bumpers, Glass, Sealing
  • Mechanisms
  • Cockpit, I-Panel, Center-Console, Greenhouse, Seats 


Reinhold Erb

Director Body Engineering, QM & IS

p +34 933 776 161 

Carles Pinilla

Head of Vehicle Interior

p +34 933 776 161 

Jose González Alcudia

Head of Vehicle Exterior