EDAG Spain launches exclusive NFT Hypercar

- EDAG Spain and DownforceVX join forces to explore new business opportunities for the metaverse, web 3.0, blockchain technology, NFTs and digital assets.

-To launch this collaboration, EDAG Spain has designed an exclusive hypercar, the first digital collectible produced by Chief Designer, Tancredi De Aguilar and his team.

-Four exclusive and unique liveries will be available from the EDAG Spain hypercaras NFTs.

EDAG ENGINEERING SPAIN one of the biggest and reference automotive design and engineering service companies in Spain has signed a teaming agreement with the Barcelona based digital agency DownforceVX to explore new business opportunities based on blockchain technologies, metaverse, web 3.0 and NFT’s. Also, they will work closely together to design and develop digital assets and virtual 3D models to be used in different digital environments such as social platforms and gaming.

One of the company’s cornerstones is advanced Design methodology, which consists of a completely digitalized design process with the highest quality. EDAG Spain and DownforceVX will enter the virtual world and explore the advantages of Digital collectibles of the crypto scene and the Metaverse and in the new trend of blockchain video game industry (play-to-ern); where digital assets are highly valued

EDAG Hypercar

EDAG Spain has designed a hypercar to take the lead in the Metaverse and explore this new Meta Mobility World with the launch of a hypercar concept exclusively as NFT.

The car is inspired by motorsport with a special attention to the new design trends but also committed to clean and renewable energies. The vehicle also has some hints of the dramatic supercars from the 70s and 80s; those who were in part to engage future generations to car design. The hypercar is the first digital collectible carried out by our Chief Designer Tancredi de Aguilar and his Team.

Tancredi has vast experience in car design leading advanced design studios of some of the most exclusive brands for Volkswagen Group.

EDAG Spain and DOWNFORCEVX have created four exclusive hypercar liveries and those will be available as unique NFTs for both digital art and car collectors on OpenSea the world’s first and largest digital market on May 6th, 2022.


The auction will start on OpenSea.io on Friday May 6th, 2022 at 12:00 (UTC) and will finish on Monday June 6th, 2022 at 04:00 (UTC), and will be accessible at the following link: https://opensea.io/collection/edag



Garnet Satin Black is inspired by the deep black color of Black Garnet but also is a hint of powerful properties since it is believed that the black gemstones stimulate and regenerate energy. In an EV oriented automotive market, the Garnet satin Black livery wants to be the most disruptive and unruly version of our Hypercar.


Thassos White is inspired by the white marble and quartz from the Greek island Thassos a hidden Mediterranean paradise. White is the color of purity, honesty and perfection; that’s why car designers love to use it to show their creations in the cleanest way.


Aquamarine Blue is inspired by the delicate but rich blue shades of the sought after gem. The aquamarine has historically been used as a symbol for youth and happiness due to its color.

Aquamarine color can change with the heat and sunlight so our Aquamarine Blue will be reactive with

the performance of our hypercar.


Crypto Bronze is inspired by the rich and warm metallic texture of bronze but also is a hint towards the new cryptocurrencies and digital value of the metaverse and virtual worlds.