Process Engineering

Process Engineering

We are your competent partner for project management and networked
production engineering on your way to the factory of the future.

Our expertise and strength lie in the integrated development of production systems  and the optimization of production processes.


Digital factory

The vast experience of our teams in the automotive sector enables us to provide the engineering industry with our support, in a broad and constant way or tailor-made according to our clients wishes and needs.

Our service range includes:

  • Digital guarantee of the product and the product concept through digital models
  • Viability studies and simulations
  • Methodological support in the digitalization areas
  • Continuous use of methods and tools from the “digital factory” to the “virtual launching”
  • SE, alliances for a shared success
  • Ergonomic studies


Tolerance management

Within quality management, we find tolerance management, a bridge between production quality requirements and its coherent implementation throughout the whole process chain.

The targets are to prevent mistakes and to ensure, as soon as possible, the quality geometric characteristics, as well as the functional and productive capability during manufacturing.

This can minimize costs and save time in the product development and in production, without having any negative impact on their quality.

Due to the opposition of individual requirements in the groups of interest such as assembly, development, suppliers, design, etc. in the product, it is essential to be able to find optimum solutions together.

The main tool that we use is the application of the analysis of arithmetic tolerance in the process of development of the product (PEP).

  • Assembly sequence and functional dimension catalogue
  • Point of reference system
  • Tolerance analysis
  • GD&T
  • Measuring points definition
  • Visualization of tolerance variation
  • Supplier coaching


Brigitte Thiel

Head of Process Engineering

p +34 933 776 161