Vehicle Integration


The main purpose of the Vehicle Integration area is to collaborate with our clients in the development of vehicles so that they meet the demanding emission regulations, both in Europe and in other markets.

The adaptation of new more efficient and environmentally friendly engines represents an important work of redesigning auxiliary components, such as exhaust lines, cooling circuits, engine support and mainly fuel circuit.

Validations, both in the area of calibration (emissions, transient, NVH), software and auxiliary engine systems are also part of our activities, confirming the design or studying countermeasures to meet customer specifications.

All development necessarily involves management work in both design and testing, quality and logistics, areas in which we collaborate very closely with our clients.


Our service range includes:

Testing area

  • Engine map calibration
  • Motor bench tests
  • Validation of engine software and communications with other vehicle systems
  • Testing of engine auxiliary parts and systems
  • NVH test
  • Planning and monitoring of CO2 emissions
  • Technical support for all tests
  • Vehicle tuning (ride, handling and braking) on track
  • Safety tests on prototype and production batches

Design area

  • Design management of engine system components (engine parts, cooling, exhausts, fixing)
  • CAD verification of digital batches

Management Area

  • Project control and after-sales quality
  • Quality and delivery management for prototype vehicle assemblies


Vicente Terol

Head of Vehicle Integration